We invite you to travel in your own car with our guide remotely (via radio)!

ATTENTION: the price is from one car and does not depend on the number of people.

Travel itinerary: Lviv - Obroshino - Godovytsia - Navariya - Pustomyty - Semenivka - Shchyrets - Ternopil - Krasiv - Lviv

Price includes:

  • Technical support of travel (walkie-talkies, FM - microphones)
  • Excursion service according to the program
  • Accompaniment by a guide

Additional charges:

  • Transport service according to the program
  • Meals
  • Inbound tickets to excursions

Tour program

Tour program

Departure from Lviv at 9:00. The tops of Lviv cathedrals are behind, adventures are ahead and adventures again! The first place to stop - with. Obroshino. Review of the palace of the Roman Catholic archbishop of the 17th century. and a zoo, which is mainly inhabited by spotted deer. Moving to the village. Anniversary. Review of the baroque church of All Saints of the 18th century, authored by Bernard Meretin and Johann Pinzel. Moving to the village. Navariya. Review of another architectural masterpiece by B. Meretin - the church of St. Valentine 17 st. The next stop is Pustomyty. Overview of the palace and the ancient lime kiln. Moving to the village. Semenivka. The village is famous for its monuments: the wooden church of St. Michael (1718) with beautiful paintings, the church of St. Martin (1722) and an inn (XVIII century). The next stop is the village. Shchyrets. It will be possible to see the magnificent defensive temples: the Church of St. Stanislaus (1400), the Church of the Holy Trinity (XVI century), the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (XVI century) surrounded by the remains of an ancient Russian fortress on Castle Hill. Lunch. Moving to the village. Ternopil. Overview of the parish, the former German People's House and the mill. Moving to the last point of our journey - with. Beauties. Overview of the former German colony "Reichenbach" and the church of St. Paraskevi of the 19th century, which was built in the Hutsul style. Returning home, but with a baggage of pleasant memories and many little things in memory of the trip. Arrival in Lviv at 19:30.

Important information:
- total mileage up to 100 km (please refuel before the trip);
- during quarantine we do not visit closed premises (museums, temples, galleries, tasting rooms, etc.), but if necessary we inspect them from the outside;
- number of cars in the auto-tour - up to 7;
- Please bring personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, antiseptic).

from 445 грн per person

  • 1 day
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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