One-day tour with incredible views, clean mountain air and interesting objects. You will be able to visit: Tustan Fortress, Kamyanka Waterfall, Mertve Lake.

Сost for 5 people (car) - 885 UAH/per.

Cost for 12 people (minibus) - 575 UAH/per.

* The cost for another number of people is calculated on request!
* The cost of the program for foreign tourists is calculated on request!

Travel itinerary: Lviv - Tustan fortress - Kamyanka waterfall - Mertve lake - Lviv

Price includes:

  • Visiting the Dead Lake
  • Accompanying a representative of the firm
  • Visiting waterfall Kamjanka
  • Visiting сastles Tustan
  • Medical insurance
  • Transport service on the program

Additional charges:

  • Meals
  • Inbound tickets to excursions
  • Meals (1 day - supper, 2 days - breakfast and lunch, 3 day - supper, 4 day - breakfast)

Tour program

Tour program

8:00 - departure from Lviv. The tops of Lviv cathedrals are behind, adventures are ahead and adventures again! The first place to stop is the Tustan fortress. One of the most picturesque places in Ukraine, a ridge of sandstone in the form of rocks in the middle of the Carpathians. Tustan was an important strategic point and was part of a single system of the Carpathian line of defense of the southwestern borders of Kievan Rus. You will be able to enjoy the magical nature of the reserve "Skole Beskydy", the decoration of which is the waterfall Kamyanka and mineral springs with healing water. Visiting the Mertve Lake. Returning home, but with a baggage of pleasant memories and many little things in memory of the trip. Arrival in Lviv at 19:00.

from 575 грн per person

  • 1 day
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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