Pip Ivan Chornohirsky and rafting or to visit the White Elephant. In this journey we will combine everything in harmony: we will climb to the high mountains, visit the magnificent White Elephant Observatory in Pip Ivan (2022 m), see the mysterious Mount Vuhany Kamen, enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the mountains. In the evening we will sing a song song near this gutsul watry, and in the morning we will be flooded by the steep waters of Black Cheremosh. Visit the Hutsul cheese dairy, where we will be told about Hutsul life and will teach you to cook cheese, and also go to visit the Grand Pharmacy, where we will try delicious teas and strong tinctures.

*program and date are processed on request

Travel itinerary: Lviv - Dzembronya - Pop Ivan Chernogorsky - Vukhaty Kamen - Krivorivna - Lviv

Price includes:

  • Accompanying a representative of the firm
  • Transport service on the program
  • Breakfast
  • Medical insurance
  • Dinner (1 day)
  • Group equipment and first-aid kit
  • Overnight stay at Kolibi (1 night)
  • Services of a qualified mining driver

Additional charges:

  • Inbound tickets to excursions
  • Meals
  • Cheese tasting

Tour program

Day 1

3:00 - gathering group on the station square. 3:30 - departure from Lviv, night shift to the village. Dzembronja Behind the remains are the top of Lviv cathedrals, ahead of the adventure and once more adventure! 9:00 - settlement in the farmstead, breakfast. Then the beginning of the ascent to Pip Ivan Chornohirsky when ascending we will see the most mystical mountain - Eared Stone. Meet the majestic White Elephant Observatory, make cool photos, have a snack. 20:30 - return to Dzembron, dinner sincere holidays, on request you can visit the bathhouse.

Day 2

8:30 am - breakfast. 9:00 - Rafting by Black Cheremosh. We are waiting for a quick descent by a steep mountain river about 10 km with the passage of the rapids, we will have a look at the beautiful landscapes of Dzembronto and Krasnik, which Franko and Lesja Ukrainka described in their works, we will be completely satisfied with the drive and positive emotions! A team of professionals will take care of our safety. After a rich alloy - lunch. Next we will visit the museum of cheesecake, which tells how to cook cheese, and most importantly - will give it a try. Visiting the unique museum "Dida Pharmacy". 22:00 - Tentative arrival time to Lviv.

from 2145 грн per person

  • 2 days / 2 nights
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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