We invite you to the Hutsul Alps tour and invite you to this megacourt journey! Waiting for you: climbing to Pip Ivan Marmarosky, relaxation at the most beautiful waterfall in the Carpathian Mountains - Yalinsky, mountain slopes, sycamore with a glorified red line, park, high mountain sauna, specialty dishes from the guide, sea of emotions, drive and positive! 

*program and date are processed on request

Travel itinerary: Dilove - Yalynsʹkyy vodospad - polonyna Lysycha - h. Pip Ivan Marmarosʹkyy - polonyna Strunhy - Dilove

Price includes:

  • Visiting the high mountain bath
  • Entrance tickets to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
  • Accompanying a representative of the firm
  • Group equipment and first-aid kit
  • Food
  • Services of a qualified mining driver
  • Overnight stay at Kolibi (1 night)
  • Medical insurance

Additional charges:

  • Transfer to / from the village of Delovoy

Tour program

day 1

8:30 - meet in v.Dilove, get acquainted and prepare for the campaign. 9:00 - start on the route. We go to the charming middle mountains of the Hutsul Alps to the most beautiful, in our opinion, the waterfall of the Carpathians - Yalinsky. We will have the opportunity to relax in the hammocks, feel the healing coolness of pure Carpathian water, refresh and recharge. Then we go to the meadow of Lisyachy, where we stop for a night under the starry sky of the Carpathians with a beautiful view of the Horn of Ivan Marmarosky and the surrounding mountains. We prepare a delicious dinner and sing around the fire.

Day 2

8:30 - Carpathian Charge. 9:00 - breakfast. 10:00 - departure route. An extremely busy day awaits you: climbing to Pip Ivan Marmarosky (1936 m.), On the way to which we even run to Romania! In the evening we will descend to the valley of Strunga, where we will stay in a comfortable alpine kolyba and relax in the sauna.

Day 3

8:30 - Carpathian Charge. 9:00 - breakfast. 10:00 - departure route. We go down to the business secret paths of smugglers, around 18:00 we make memorable photos near the geographical center of Europe and go drink cold Craft Carpathian beer and share the vivid impressions of the campaign.

Additional Information

Total length of the route: 34 km.
Difficulty: simple.
Good for both beginners and experienced travelers.
In order to save time and our forces, we arrange a transfer from Lviv by minibus (pay separately).
Do not stop you do not have the equipment or experience - make the first step, and then we will help! :)

from 1210 грн per person

  • 3 days/2 nights
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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