All serials, photos and books in the world can not convey the real feeling of falling into the Zone. An experience that is difficult to compare with something.Find out what's true and what - fiction: go straight to the original source. You will see the "Sarcophagus" of the 4th power unit in which there is a reactor, the "dead city" Pripyat, and "Red Forest" where the trees became red-orange due to irradiation of radiation. The journey will remain in your memory forever, as a reminder of the power of nature, the fragility of life and the fact that we must live with the consequences of their decisions ...

*the tour takes place every day

* services for booking a trip to the Chornobyl zone - 150 UAH / person.

Travel itinerary: Kyiv - Chernobyl - Pripyat - Kiev

Price includes:

  • Filing and processing of permits
  • Medical insurance
  • Transport service on the program
  • Accompanying a representative of the firm

Additional charges:

  • Rent a dosimeter
  • Meals
  • Inbound tickets to excursions

Tour program

Tour program

08:00 - departure from Kiev to the Chernobyl zone. In the thirty-kilometer zone at checkpoint "Dityatky" verification of documents, vehicles and things. A short course on behavioral training in radiation-hazardous terrain. A photo stop near the monument "For the people who saved the world" - the brave firefighters of Chernobyl. Office of the state agency "Chornobyl Interinform". Trip to the ten-kilometer zone through the "Lely" block-post. A photo stop near the ChNPP 4th reactor. Will be able to be near the main "closed" object of the zone! An excursion to Pripyat is a "ghost town", which has left over 50,000 people forever. An amusement park with a review wheel, which is not destined to see visitors. Optional ecologically clean dinner, pre-tested dosimeter products. Dosimetric control at the exit from the zone. 19:00 Estimated arrival to Kyiv. 

Important information

- Entrance to the exclusion zone is allowed to persons who are 18 full years old.

- Entry into the exclusion zone is allowed to persons who do not have medical contraindications for travel to the exclusion zone (ie, healthy at the time of travel, have no serious illnesses).

- We want to draw your attention to the fact that in this area there are many buildings in a state of emergency, so we visit only some buildings.

- For yourself during the trip you need to have: a passport for passing passport control of the exclusion zone, an umbrella in the event of snow, rain, alternate comfortable clothes and shoes at high soles, own personal first-aid kit.

Chernobyl - a zone with an increased level of radiation. However, excursion to the exclusion zone is carried out on routes where the level of radiation does not exceed the permitted norm and does not pose a threat to human health. During the excursion to the Chernobyl zone, the level of radiation received is equal to 1 hour of flight on the plane, which is 160 times less than the dose received in one fluorography!

from 1249 грн per person

  • 1 day
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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