Tour from Lviv "Get away from the ground"

Detach yourself from the earth, only you and the sky are blue!

Aerodrome or colorful "purely Lviv - a flyer"! To say that this tour is exciting, it's not to say anything! The trap, the helm, the turbulence, the helicopter, the Longhorn, the eling, the flight - the avalanche of new information! And everything new is always interesting! What is the cockpit? How to make a parachute? What is a "kukuruznyk"? All answers in the tour "Get away from the earth". So, get the answers to your questions first, go on a tour with us! :)

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Travel itinerary: Two-hour excursion to Lviv airport! For everyone born to fly! :)

Price includes:

  • Transport service on the program

Additional charges:

  • Inbound tickets to excursions
  • Entrance ticket on the airfield - 50 UAH / person
  • Flight by plane - from 250 UAH / per

Tour program

Tour from Lviv "Get away from the ground"

Do you like extreme and dreams of flying? Ah, then we are on the way! :) Two-hour excursion around the airfield, familiarity with pilots and aviation, with airplanes. Incredible stories about the West Ukrainian Aviation School, parachute jumpers, the types of aircraft, why these models are designed and what is their management system. It will be possible to sit in the cabin of the aircraft and take the wheel of the wheel. And anyone who wants to not only imagine a pilot will be able to fly, at an additional cost.

from 300 грн per person

  • 1 day
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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