India and the Nobel Prize? Interesting facts about Franko's life in Lviv.
Even the most famous and phenomenal geniuses are primarily human beings. People with their habits, preferences, hobbies and understanding of everyday life. After all, it is in the totality of these simple, everyday things that the genius-artist begins. It is from the comfort of home and favorite affairs that man draws strength. Only at home people throws off all the masks and becomes himself, resting and gets inspiration for work, as Franko's creativity!

Travel itinerary: Lviv - Medenichi - Drohobych - Naguevichi - Lviv!

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Tour program

Tour to the homeland of Ivan Franko

Medenichi. One of the best zoos in Western Ukraine. Drohobych is an ancient center of saltmaking, a city with a rich history. Moving to Naguevichі, Ivan Franko's native village. Visit the Ivan Franko Museum of the Mansion, reproduced as in the memoir "My wicker hut". The territory of the museum with the famous 300-year-old oak, from which begins the path of Ivan Franko. Return to Lviv.

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