Unique tour during which you will be able to enjoy the charming views of the Carpathian Mountains, visit the "sea eye" of the Carpathians - Synevir Lake. Taste delicious transcarpathian dishes and the sunny Beregovos wines. Rejuvenate the soul and body in thermal springs. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the center of Europe and to taste the true Hutsul brynza. At the end of the journey - famous еuropean resort Bukovel.

*changes are possible in the program in winter

Travel itinerary: Lviv - Pylypets - Kelechen - Synevyr - Kolochava - Mukachevo - Berehove - Uzhhorod - Kosyno - Nyzhnye Selyshche - Iza - Nyzhnya Apsha - Dilove - Pоlyanitsa - Verkhovyna - Kosiv - Kolomyia - Yaremche - Goshiv - Lviv

Price includes:

  • Excursion program in Uzhgorod
  • Visits of tourist complex "Bukovel"
  • Visit the Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors"
  • Visiting the museum - the estate of Roman Kumlyk
  • Visiting the museum of Easter eggs
  • Visit to Hoshiv Monastery
  • Visit to the Rocks of Dovbush
  • Meeting of the tourists by the tour manager
  • Transport service on the program
  • Overnight stay in the hotel
  • Medical insurance
  • Excursion service on the program
  • Mukachevo walking tour
  • Palanok Castle tour
  • Guided tour in thermal baths center Kosyno
  • Shypit Waterfall tour
  • Synevyr Lake tour
  • Visit to the thermal baths Zhayvoronok
  • Guided tour in Shönborn Palace
  • Visit the geographical center of Europe
  • Accompanying a representative of the firm
  • Visiting the museum in the village Kolochava
  • Excursion in Uzhhorod castle

Additional charges:

  • Inbound tickets to excursions
  • Bathing in thermal baths Kosyno
  • Bathing in thermal baths Zhayvoronok
  • Meals
  • Own costs
  • Tasting beer
  • Wine tasting
  • Cheese tasting
  • Climb the cable car - chair to Mount Gemba

Tour program

Day 1. Carpathians - Transcarpathia

Morning departure from Lviv. We will start the excursion program with the move to Pylypets village. Review waterfall Shipit. Enjoy the scenery of the Carpathians on the cable car chair on the mountain Gemba. We complete our day of settlement in the hotel. Free time. Dinner and evening outdor fire.

Day 2.

Breakfast. Morning departure from Pilipets in anticipation of rest. The tasting of mineral water in the Kelechen village. We go on traveling the Carpathians and stop at photo session on the Synevyr Lake. Next National Park "Synevyr". Review of Rehabilitation Center of the brown bear, transition to Lake Synevir. Move to Kolochava village, where you will have a tour of the museum and scenes from the life of the highlanders. Tasting of unique mineral water in Soymy village. Return to the hotel in the Pylypets village. Sweet dreams and to the new tourist morning :)

Day 3.

Breakfast and morning departure. Moving to the sunny Transcarpathia. Stop and review of the hunting palace of Count Schonborn. We travel to the city of Mukachevo for an excursion "Mukachevo - a city over Latoritsya". Swimming in the thermal pool "Jaivoronok" in the city of Beregovo. Wine tasting in the "Old Basement". Accommodation to the hotel.

Day 4 .

Breakfast and at 8:00 departure by a friendly group to Uzhgorod. Excursion to the historic center and Uzhhorod castle. SPA vacation in Kosyno thermal resort. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Free time. Sweet dreams and to new tourist morning :)

Day 5.

Breakfast and departure groups for adventure gatherings. Move to Nyzhnye Selyshche - cheese tasting. Next on the route visit the reindeer farm in the village Iza. Review of the Gothic church in the village of Nyzhnya Apsha. Visit to the center of Europe in the Dilove village. We will test live beer in the village of Kvasy. Settlement to the hotel in village Polyanytsa. Hutsul fun and dinner.

Day 6.

Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. An excursion-concert will take place in Verkhovyna village in the museum of Roman Kumlyk. Excursion and photography in Hutsul clothes in the museum "Shadows of forgotten ancestors". Moving to the Yavoriv village, where master class from bedding awaits us. In Kosiv village we will visit the master class for the production of Kosiv ceramics. The next stop is Kolomyia city. A review of the Pysanka Museum and dinner. We return to the hotel in Polyanitsa village.

Day 7.

Have breakfast and say goodbye to the hotel. The last day of the journey begins with moving to Bukovel and lifting the cable carriageway to the top of Bukovel Mountain and an overview of the Carpathian panoramas. We will continue the excursion program in Yaremche take a look on waterfall Probiy and visit the souvenir market. Free time for the photo and the purchase of souvenirs. The next stop is from Goshiv where we will look at the monastery. The last stop is the Dovbush rock. Free time, and we go to Lviv. Return to Lviv :) Till next time :)))


The tour operator is not responsible for traffic jams.
The tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the program without reducing the total amount of services provided.
If there will be a significant fluctuation in the price of fuel, the tour operator reserves the right to change the cost of the tour.
The cost of entrance tickets before the tour will be specified.

from 2595 грн per person

  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of tours


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