Excursion "The Night Guard"

Who walks nighty Lviv? Who guards the city and from whom? Maby lost spirit walks in Lviv. A sad, rabid or angered ghost of the night, and maybe it drunk batyar can not missed a pub .;) In any case, you need to help. "Night Watch" controls everything. Book a guided tour, it will be interesting!

Duration: 2 hours

Cost of excursion for foreign tourists:
for groups of 10 people - 175 UAH


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Travel itinerary:   Walking tour

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Excursion program

Excursion around Lviv. Night guards Lviv

Night watchmen with yellow lanterns ... keepers of city dreams!

When the darkness falls in Lviv, and in the dark corners the mysteries begin to stir ... On the street, surrounded by loyal assistants, the night burgomaster - Mr. Shlyussel comes out. He is looking for violators who live on the dark side of the moon. At times, the burgomaster is replaced by a faithful wife - Mrs. Zosia.

What does the city hall clock say this night? Are all the keys of the city to the burgomaster? Maybe this dark night is looking for peace in a lost soul?

Unexpected encounters, creepy legends, ghosts, secret rites - all this during a night journey. For quality work, Mr. Burgomister will devote himself to "workers of the night service of Lviv".

from 190 грн per person

  • 2 hours
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