Costume show excursion "Lviv through the ages" will introduce you to the central part of the city - the Market Square and its lanes. You will feel the breath of a medieval Lion full of mysterious secrets and legends. During this thematic excursion in Lviv together with historical characters
(City Mayor, Moisha Jew, Beggar Baron, Monk and Singing Batyar) you will have the opportunity to dive into the maelstrom of historical and mysterious events of past centuries

Duration: 1,5 hour.

Cost of excursion for foreign tourists:
for groups of 10 people -350 UAH;
for groups of up to 5 people - 1200 UAH

Travel itinerary:    Walking tour

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

Additional charges:

  • Admission fees

Excursion program

Costumed Walking Tour Lviv through the centuries.

Lviv through the ages is a journey through time through the streets of a medieval city. Burgomaster will tell tourists about the history of the Town Hall and the central square of the city. In the Jewish Quarter, a dancing Jew, Moisha, will spend his hometown. Lviv restaurants with no prices in the menu, dragon house. The Baron of Beggars will "secretly" tell you how to get a "begging" license. A local monk will open Lviv's dungeons to tourists, their cells and work. The singing batyar is well versed in the spiritual institutions of Lviv, all about dancing, language and the joking culture of the batsmen. 

from 150 грн per person

  • 1,5 houre
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of excursion


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