Guided tour of Lviv " Lviv’s Сourtyards"

A part of Florence in Lviv is an Italian courtyard. Cozy and romantic, today there are held jazz and classical concerts, on a lively day there is a chance to sit in a cozy cafe and drink a cup of fragrant coffee. The courtyard of the young spectator's theater is rich in old speeches, which previously served as stage decorations in the theater. Now this is an art object. The courtyard of the USSR is a museum of the Soviet era, or rather the things of that time. Cozy courtyard art gallery, pictures, statues and other interesting things are hanging here. The courtyard of lost toys opens the door to a childhood with a collection of old toys. Very beautiful courtyard of the Armenian church. Ancient temple and courtyard create a unique ensemble. Here are the courtyards of Lviv! ;)

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Duration: 2 hours

Cost of excursion for foreign tourists:
for groups of 10 people - 195 UAH;
for groups of up to 5 people - 600 UAH

Travel itinerary:   Walking tour

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

Additional charges:

  • Italian courtyard – 10 UAH per person
  • The Armenian Cathedral – 5 UAH per person
  • Admission fees

Excursion program

Walking Tour. Lviv’s courtyards

This tour will immerse you into the most mysterious and enigmatic places in Lviv, that is city’s courtyards. You will find out what the life of the city was in the medieval time and what it is now.

We will visit a courtyard of the Jewish Quarter where the oldest synagogue in Ukraine called the Golden Rose was situated. Then we move to the Armenian Cathedral that is a unique Armenian architectural monument from the 14th-20th centuries. Its courtyard which once served as a churchyard is now paved with the ancient Armenian gravestones. Next, you will see a unique Italian courtyard where you will be told a love story of the King of Poland John III Sobieski and his wife Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d`Arquien. The program also includes a courtyard of Mons Pius Restaurant where once Lviv`s first loan office was successfully operating. Today`s restaurant brews the best beer in the city. Our final destination will be a courtyard of the former Bernardine Monastery which now houses the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv and holds a document (trade treaty) signed by Vlad Tsepesh, also known as Dracula.

This excursion is a great possibility to explore the medieval beauty and current charm of Lviv`s courtyards!

from 100 грн per person

  • 2 hours
  • Convenient booking
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