Lviv is a city of legends and interesting stories, which always remains a pleasant memory. Wise lions watch from the houses in the old quarters. The trumpet of the Town Hall enchants with a melody. During the tour Nikofor Drovnyak will allow you to rub your finger and make a wish. Inventor Jan Zech will invite you to get acquainted with the history of the appearance of kerosene lamps in the city. You will be able to find the smallest monument and your zodiac sign on the house "Seasons", hear the clock ticking at the Town Hall.

Duration: 2 hours

Travel itinerary:   Walking tour

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Excursion program

Walking Tour Lviv:Throught the Eyes Children

Incredible adventures and interesting discoveries await us !!!
"Lviv Chocolate Workshop". The process of handmade candy and chocolate. "Caramel Workshop". Candy and lollipops of elegant, handmade with different fruit flavors. "Coffee Mine". According to the legend, Lviv coffee is extracted underground. There is an opportunity to put on a helmet, pick up a pickaxe and work as a coffee digger. And then - to taste the soldered cocoa. During the tour you will be able to climb one of the observation decks of the city, visit the gingerbread workshop "Yurashka", candle factory, soap workshop. And at the end of the program - a sweet gift from the company;)
During the tour we additionally offer master classes to choose from
1. Gingerbread coloring master class.
The gingerbread workshop is a magical place that is closely connected with the history of the glorious city of Leo. A place where time stops, where every corner is filled with comfort, warmth and pleasant aromas!
The cost is 80-300 hryvnias. / person / 30 min. (depending on the number of people and complexity)
2. Master class on making chocolates
Lviv Chocolate Workshop will give a lot of emotions at master classes for those who love dark, milk and white chocolate. He dreams of making candies with his own hands.
The cost is 200 - 450 hryvnias. / person / 1.5 hours (depending on the number of people and complexity)
3. Master class in the caramel workshop
A master class from professional confectioners will reveal to us the secret of creating caramel of incredible tastes and shapes. These entertainments are ideal for junior high school students.
The cost is 100 - 150 hryvnias. / person / 40 min. (depending on the number of people and complexity)
4. Soap-making master class
Who dreams of creating natural, exclusive soap with their own hands, interesting shapes, original decors and fragrances? Then we invite you to a fascinating acquaintance with this art in the Soap Making Workshop. There is an opportunity to take home-made soap, made by yourself!
The cost is UAH 150. / person / 1 year (the price needs to be specified)
5. Candle master class
Experienced masters will conduct by creating a candle from start to finish. And they will reveal some secrets of making candles: features of materials, wicks, shapes and colors. And be sure that the candle created by your hands will fill your home with a special light, or will be a special gift. Cost - 300 UAH / person / 1.5-2 hours. (the price needs to be specified)

from 100 грн per person

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