There are places where the modern is easily and naturally intertwined with the past - this is the city of Lviv. The originality and originality of Lviv created a certain ideal image of the city - the museum, where the vast majority of cultural monuments of Ukraine are located.
Lviv is a unique combination of West and East cultures. Where else within a 10-minute walk you can see wonderful examples of Ukrainian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish, German, Austrian and other cultures

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  • House of Scientists (adults - 30 UAH, children - 15 UAH)
  • Potocki Palace (adults - 70 UAH, children - 15 UAH)

Excursion program

Walking Tour Lviv’s past and present

The Potocki Palace was built in 1889-1890 by French architect Louis Dovernier under the direction of arch. Julian Tsybulsky. A historic building in the style of historicism, the French Baroque classicism of the Louis XIV era.

Lviv National University. The former Galician Sejm building was built in 1877–1881 by architect Juliusz Hochberger. The monumental building of the Seimas was built in the style of historicism under the influence of the neo-Renaissance architecture of Vienna in the second half of the 19th century. It is characterized by a wealth of sculptural and ornamental decoration.

Scientists House - building was built in 1898 for the National Casino. The design of the building in neo-baroque style was completed in the Viennese architectural studio of F. Fellner and G. Gelmer.

The Cathedral of St. George the UGCC is located on Svyatoyurska mountain and is a pearl of Ukrainian late Baroque architecture. Due to its location, it is noticeable from most viewing sites in Lviv. Cathedral of Sts. Jura is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the historical center of Lviv.

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