From where did he take the beginnings - Old Russian Lviv?

Perhaps Lviv took the start of the Poltva spill, either from the Market Square or the Vinniki Forest Woods? Few people know that the glorious Lviv originates from the Princely mountain. Mountain Budylnytsa - a hill that directly climbs over the street. Zamkova and neighborhoods along the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. However, do not be confused with the famous High Castle, eastward to the Descent. Interesting? :) On the excursion will be even more interesting, we guarantee!

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Excursion program

The Princely City

Old Market Square. Historians have proven that the Old Market Square was inhabited in the 12th century - before the foundation of Prince Danylo Halytsky of Lviv. Scientists also believe that this settlement near Castle Hill became the first page in the history of the new city

Сhurch of Mary Snezhna is one of the oldest Christian temples in Lviv, founded in the late Middle Ages by German colonists.

Former church of St. Ivan the Baptist (today - Museum of Ancient Monuments of Lviv, department of Lviv Art Gallery). Church of St. John the Baptist is an architectural monument dating back to the oldest period of Lviv's existence. The temple was built at the foot of Castle Hill, on its western slope.

Benedictine Church is part of an architectural ensemble, which also includes a house with monastery cells and an entrance gate. The architecture of the ensemble, located outside the ancient city walls, was defensive. In style, it is a reminder of the late Renaissance / mannerism with elements of the baroque

The ancient church of St. Nicholas in Lviv is located near the High Castle. The temple is considered one of the oldest buildings in Lviv. It was probably built between 1264 and 1340. There is a temple on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, which in ancient times was called the Volyn tract.

High Castle Park is one of Lviv's favorite walking spots and visitors to the city. Although there is almost nothing left of the fortress that gave it its name, there are often visitors. Castle Hill is one of the hills in Lviv, the highest point of the city is 409 m above sea level. It offers a beautiful view of the central part of the city and its surroundings.

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