Gastro-tour of the best coffee shops in the city ... The coffee history of Lviv began in 1829. It was then that the first coffee shop opened in Lviv, thanks to its appearance by Yuri Kulchytsky and his heroic act, which dramatically changed the subsequent life of the whole of Europe. Natural or soluble, arabica and robusta, espresso and cappuccino, all these familiar names are incredibly close and dear to the hearts of every coffee drink lover and fan, especially in Lviv.

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Coffee Lviv

"Viennese Café" is the oldest coffee shop in the city. Subsequently, the petitioner Karol Hartmann addressed the magistrate with the request to allow the cafe bought in the prince of Poninski to be reconstructed. During its almost two-year history, the cafe has not lost its authentic Austrian atmosphere, Polish charm and Ukrainian hospitality.

"On the Bambetel". Bambetel (from it. Bankbettel - bench-bed) is a sofa / ottoman / chest of drawers "in one person", a bench-bed with a support, a wooden chest. The cafe is in the passage of Andreolli on behalf of the Swiss merchant Dominico Andriolli. It is served sand-brewed coffee, a variety of teas, fresh pastries and the author's hot and cold desserts.

"Virmenka" was famous for the most delicious coffee, it became the place where "Children of Flowers". Traditional Eastern coffee is brewed here, and Lviv cheesecake and natural brews of their own production, as well as original liqueurs, are offered.

Monument to Yuri-Franz Kulchytskyi, who received 300 sacks of coffee left over by the Turks as a reward. He subsequently opened the first coffee shop in Vienna, which became the center of the Viennese elite. It was her, and then all of Europe, that taught Ukrainian to drink coffee.

"Lviv Coffee Mine" is located in the heart of the old city, in the Rynok Square. The mine demonstrates the legend of the origin of Lviv coffee, according to which, coffee is nothing but mineral. special trolleys lift the coffee up, then the grain is roasted and served to the visitors, by the way, it is there in the dungeon that you can drink the unique "Solder coffee" that will be made in front of you.

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