The city of lions causes you to adventure! The mysterious atmosphere of a medieval city, architecture, rich in details, historical characters is what you will get during the fascinating quest "Find your Lion!"

In Lviv there are about 4000 different lions. And their number is constantly increasing. Among them are very original. We invite participants to caught in the lens of their camera or mobile phone the most famous and interesting Lviv lions: "lions - lovers", "lions under Briolin", "drunken lion", "coffee lion", "two-leg lion" (our answer Russian and Austrian eagles.) The start of the quest from the Powder Tower and two sleeping lions, which will only awaken one who will collect a complete "map of lions."

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Щось новеньке для дітей

Діти отримали купу задоволення, ще й погода була сприяла для проходження квесту під відкритим небом. щось новеньке для дітей тому, що у всіх розважальних центрах Львова ми вже були.


  16 October 2018

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