Excursion "In the footsteps of Ivan Franko in Lviv"

Yes, you are my true love,
You are the most enticing impulse to blow the blood
You are the best song that dreams at the time of inspiration ...

We are used to Franko as an eternal revolutionary, immortal strong spirit and always a living genius! But Ivan Franko was first and foremost a man, a dreamer-man, a romantic until the last breath. Romanticism and dreamy Ivan often led to funny incidents :). So, the poem barely prevented Frank's marriage. About this, as well as what M. Hrushevsky complained to Franko, what was a favorite holiday in Lviv of Franko, what tourism and excursions promoted Franko, what father he was and how sweetly he would be able to love you will find out during the tour! Only the realization of Franko as a person we can fully understand Franco as a creator, because it is in the human beginnings of each creator born inspiration!

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Our fascinating excursion starts with an interesting story near the monument to Hrushevsky. It is a good friend and a neighbor of Ivan Franko. The same significant places are connected with Frank - the old building of the University, the library on Drahomanov Street. Then the street Hlibova, on it after the marriage lived Ivan Franko.

The Polytechnic's Corps on Prince Roman's street was once a prison. There was imprisoned Ivan Franko.
Galitskaya Square, Georges Hotel, Viennese Coffee House, Pr. Liberty, Kinopalats, Lysenko Street, Vynnychenko Street, NTSHA - places visited by Franco, important pieces of the puzzle of his biography.

What parishioner was the church was Franco? Where was his first home? Bank de Franco put its savings? What relationship did I. Franko connect with L. Ukrainka in Lviv? About all this and much more you will be able to learn by visiting this author's excursion.

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