Excursion "Starry sky of Lviv"

The night sky is magical, festive, and fascinating. The Lviv sky is like a black velvet littered with tens thousands of diamonds, shining, flawless cut. Under the cover of such beauty Lviv becomes softer, mysterious, shining. It seems that the spiers of the churches from the point of reaching the star, lit up ...

Cost per person: 250 UAH (in the combined team of 15 people)

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Starry sky of Lviv

The boundlessness of universe, cold brilliance of stars. The beauty of nebulae and power of black holes. Satellites and innumerable planets ... pulsars, asteroids, comets in the telescope of the Lviv Astronomical Observatory!

After reincarnation on astronomers we will be able to try the role of meteorologists in the local weather station. Excursion to the point of laser location of artificial earth satellites, which is part of the National Heritage Register of Ukraine. Observatory staff will tell in detail about the work of the telescopes and the center as a whole. Space impressions are guaranteed to everyone!

from 300 грн per person

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