Excursion "Pharmacists, Katie and Sweets"

Medicine, the history of pharmaceuticals, the oldest pharmacies, experiments, cute dull work and bribe-makers, pills for happiness and mood, the history of Lviv iron wines, "doctor's stone" and many other facts and myths about pharmacists in Lviv! Treating poisons and their application history, incredible healing, delicious delicacies of Mikolaysh. And who is he, this Mikolash and what is famous?

Cost of excursion for foreign tourists:
for groups of 10 people - 250 UAH;
for groups of up to 5 people - 650 UAH

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Travel itinerary:    Walking tour

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

Additional charges:

  • Admission fees
  • Interactive museum "Secret Pharmacy" - (adults - 45 UAH., students - 40 UAH., children - 30 UAH)
  • The Pharmacy Museum (adults – 40 UAH)

Excursion program

Pharmacists, executioner and sweets

Mystical world of medicine and pharmaceuticals in Lviv. The oldest operating Pharmacy is the Museum "Under the Black Eagle". The history of the emergence of iron wine and the recipe of the poison of teriyaks. Known for the whole Lviv "doctor's house", her secrets and love stories. Observation deck of the thematic restaurant "Gasevo Lampa". Interactive museum pharmacy "Secret pharmacy". Dedication to the pharmacist and interesting experiments. For the rest, sweet for the soul - "drugstore - Confectioner Mikolyash". Tasty coffee, pastries and muffins of local produce!

from 120 грн per person

  • 2 hours
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