Excursion "Jewish Lviv"

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History of Lviv Jews. Where did the shooting of the famous Agnieszka Holland movie "In the Dark" (the real history of the Jewish family living in Lviv, their lives, life) took place? The main monuments of Jewish culture in Lviv, the Synagogue of Progressives, the history of the Jewish theater, the Jewish Knypa "Under the Golden Rose" and many other interesting things related to Jewish culture in Lviv.

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for groups of up to 5 people - 650 UAH

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Jewish Lviv

Jewish culture, life, architecture, art and history of the Jewish community in Lviv. Market sq., street Staroevreyska. Famous Jewish Pub "Under the Golden Rose". Kneipp will be able to try true Jewish dishes and bargain for menu prices. Jewish quarter, st. Russian and Pr. Freedom Black Exchange, the history of the Jewish theater and Krakadali. Pl The Old Market, Synagogue of Progressives, a monument to Holocaust memories of Jews. An interesting and informative excursion about everything connected with the Jewish community in Lviv.

from 100 грн per person

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