Excursion "Multicolored Lviv"

P - hospitality, the first color of Lviv, beautiful! Because Lviv is open to people! And architecture, the second color of Lviv, is fabulous and unique. That is why Lviv is similar to Paris! D - rain. This is the third color of Lviv, the all-season accompanying ... Fog, as in London for a moment! K-coffee, cafes of Lviv and conceptual taverns! Merry and the fourth color, beloved by all! And the other colors, is there or no?

* the cost is calculated on request

Route of bus and pedestrian excursion: "Shevchenkivsky grove" - museum of brewing "LvivArnya" - temple of Olga and Elizabeth.

Cost of excursion for foreign tourists:
for groups of 10 people - 175 UAH;
for groups of up to 5 people - 550 UAH

An interesting and inexpensive holiday for everyone. See all tours and excursions on our site.

Travel itinerary:    Bus and pedestrian excursion

Price includes:

  • Visiting "Shevchenkivsky grove"
  • Transportation
  • Excursions included in the programme
  • Visiting the church of Olga and Elizabeth
  • Visiting the LvivArnya Museum of Brewing

Additional charges:

  • Admission fees
  • Beer tasting

Excursion program

Lviv tour "Multicolored Lviv"

Multicolored umbrellas, hats, collars - this is our Lviv in all glory!

Colorful as a Ukrainian embroidery, a museum of folk architecture and everyday life "Shevchenkivsky grove". The exposition of the museum includes 124 monuments of architecture, which are united in 54 farmsteads. Bright beer museum - "LvivArnya". All about the history of brewing Lviv. The Gothic temple of Olga and Elizabeth is the tallest building in the city.

from 150 грн per person

  • 3 hours
  • Convenient booking
  • Calendar of excursion


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