Quirky Lviv Restaurants

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07 April 2018 12:00


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Excursion «Quirky Lviv Restaurants»

Where in Ukraine is a beer tasty, where are the best restaurants? Where is the festive atmosphere and liqueurs hops, meat, sausages, first-class jelly? ... Just in Lviv! :)

Rocks of chocolate, coal from coffee, honey from the ground. "Under the Golden Rose" falafel-trade. "Gask, benzenivka and hrenivka" will provide a good rest for everyone;) Exotic red

and whip de Sacher Masoch lives. Masonic sign ... there is "Coastal left" and Lviv cat. And many more mysteries are interesting!

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Duration: 2 hours

Price per person: 70 UAH (for groups over 5 people)

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

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Quirky Lviv Restaurants

Our adventure starts with a visit to Livuy Bereh Restaurant (Left Bank) which is situated under the Opera House. You will see an underground river called Poltva and listen to the rehersal sessions of the orchestra. Next, our route takes us to the restaurant- Museum Hasova Lampa (Kerosene Lamp) where our experienced guide will tell you about the inventors of the first kerosene lamp in the world. Post Office on Drukarska Street is one more themed museum-café we are to peep in. While liter through a petty courtyard Of the Armenian Cathedral we bump into Mons Pius Restaurant that will surprise you with grill bar and foaming beer. By the way Lviv's first loan office was successfully operating here from the 18th century till the first half of the 20th century. As we turn the corner Of the street we will face one of the oldest restaurants in Lviv which is called Atlas Restaurant. A lot of interesting and funny stories are connected with the history of the restaurant. Masoch-Café is dedica Ted to Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch, founder of sexual masochism, who was born in Lviv. While being in Lviv one can not miss the opportunity to visit the most popular restaurant in Ukraine - Kryivka Restaurant. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, history of anti-communist movement, training in rifle range are just few thinks that you can find out of while visiting the restaurant. Mead tasting is on the schedule. House of Legends is multi-storeyed restaurant each floor of which is dedicated to Different legends of the city of Lviv. The last attraction of the tour is Golden Rose Restaurant - the only one restaurant in the city where you can bargain.

Discover secrets and legends of Lviv's best themed restaurans!

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    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.

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