Lviv Coffee Tour

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06 April 2018 12:00


2 hours





Lviv Tour "Coffee Lviv"

Hot, fragrant and strong. The recipes are many different. But Lviv is the only one once tasted by the Freemasons. And the mayor, Pototsky himself, knew the coffee of the city of Lion well-known!

Coffee is contemplation and unhurried conversation, it is the removal of fatigue and restoration of forces, speed of mind and ease of thought, coffee is help in a difficult moment, it is a stop of time in the midst of a mad rhythm of life. Natural or soluble, Arabica and Robusta, Espresso and Capuccino, all these familiar names are incredibly close and dear to the heart of every fan and fan of a coffee drink, especially in Lviv.

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Duration: 2 hours

Price per person: 70 UAH (for groups over 5 people)



Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

Additional charges:

  • Coffee tasting
  • Admission fees
Excursion Coffee Lviv in Lviv

Lviv Coffee Tour: We begin our tour near the Opera House which is the major landmark and the emblem of the city. Then we move along the Liberty Avenue to the famous Vienna Coffee House. As we go through Andreoli Passage we will stop for several minutes near the On Bambetli Coffee House where you will be told who opened the first confectionary in Lviv. Then our guide will show you the monument to Yuriy Kulchutsky – the father of Europe`s coffee history who was born in Western Ukraine. Also you will find out the information on different types of coffee and the motherland of most expensive coffee in the world .

Our next stop is Lviv Coffee Mine that is according to the legend a place where Lviv coffee was born. You will be able to descend into the cellar where coffee is extracted similar to coal in mines.

We will also step inside Masoch Café and House of Legend Restaurant where you are welcomed to take a picture in a flying car and throw a coin into chimney sweeper`s hat to have a good luck.

At the end of the tour we will stay in one of the coffee houses for a cup of coffee. The cost is 100 UAH per person, to include 3 cups of different types of coffee and short presentation on coffee types, stages of its roasting and the blending process from the barista of Coffee Manufactory Coffee House. Coffee tasting is optional!

We invite you to discover the famous coffee culture of Lviv!

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    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.

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