Lviv Walking Tour. All roads lead to the Market

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23 March 2018 11:00


2 hours





Excursion "All roads lead to the market"

Who knows where all the roads of the world lead, but it is known that all the roads of Lviv lead to the Market! :)
This is the center, this is the color of Lviv! Pleasant hum and laugh, street music, illuminated facades of the Middle Ages, a mix of delicious aromas, fairs, concerts, festivals, fountains with nutritious water and the famous cobblestone - invariable attributes that will never disappear, probably never! Enjoy the color of the city, visit the excursion!

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Duration: 2 hours.
Cost per person: 75 UAH (a group not less of 5 people)
* For individuals - 200 UAH / person.

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme
  • Service of the tour guide

Additional charges:

  • The Armenian Cathedral – 2 UAH per person
  • Latin Cathedral (5 UAH).
  • Admission fees
All roads lead to the Market

The old town of the city - a territory of historical and architectural reserve, where the most valuable monuments of the Middle Ages. Hence, from the Market Square, begin our journey. The unique sculpture decoration market is on its corners - Neptune, Diana, Adonis and Amphitrite. Carved stone shaded balconies though still breathe the Italian Renaissance. Even the coffee here is special, a romantic flavor.

Turning into a side street from the market, get to Armenian Cathedral. It is one of the oldest shrines of the city. Cathedral consists of three interconnected small courtyard, formed in a limited space center Armenian quarter for six centuries.

Latin Cathedral - only cathedral in Lviv, which was built over 100 years and absorbed the traces of all construction periods and architectural styles. Around the cathedral are two chapels: Boim Kampians and Campians.

Here, near the Market, the famous ensemble of the Assumption Church - a remarkable example of Renaissance architecture. It consists of a church bell tower or towers Kornyakta and Chapel of the Three Saints. In the yard of the church is built chapel of Three Saints. Looking to the lantern of the dome, it gives the impression of great height buildings, though in fact it is not higher than the two-story house. After this excursion program you fall in love in Lviv and places that you want to visit will increase.

Excursion bookings

    Group tour

    75 грн

    / per person

    Individual tour

    200 грн

    / per person


    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.


    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.

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