Romantic Lviv

70 грн /квиток


03 April 2018 18:00


2 hours





Excursion "Romantic Lviv"

The city of Lviv itself is romantic and unusual, especially during holidays. In the summer, the city is sprinkled with a warm rain and wrapped in fragrant blankets of flowering flower beds, with rugs with lawns among which medieval palaces can be seen. Cool splashes of fountains, like refined champagne - relax! In winter, Lviv is the thousands of Christmas flames, colorful fair towns, fresh cocoa and mulled wine! And the panoramas of the High Castle are breathtaking from the "city to the palm". Natural romance!

An interesting and inexpensive holiday for everyone. See all tours and excursions on our site.

Duration: 2 hours
Price per person: 70 UAH (for groups over 5 people)
*individual tour - 200 UAH per person

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme

Additional charges:

  • Admission fees
  • Latin Cathedral (5 UAH).
  • The Armenian Cathedral – 2 UAH per person
Romantic Lviv

Our excursion begins near the Opera House where an expert guide will introduce you to the love story of the famous Ukrainian opera diva Solomiya Krushelnytska. While moving along the Liberty Avenue you will see Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatre, monuments to a local brewer and a hooligan. As we turn the corner you will face a majestic edifice of the former Jesuit Church which was the first Baroque building in the city. The Andreolli Passage leads us right to the Rynok Square which is a place of pilgrimage for romantics. Almost each house here preserves memories of some love story. While walking through the Serbian Street we will see Lviv Chocolate Manufactory – a real paradise for a sweet tooth - and an extraordinary Masoch-Café. Then we will go up on the roof terrace of an unusual restaurant called House of Legends where you are welcomed to take a picture in a flying car and throw a coin into chimney sweeper’s hat to have a good luck. Also you will see the Arsenal Museum which once was a part of fortification walls. Our guide will also show you the main religious buildings in the city centre such as the former Bernardine Monastery, the Dominican Church and the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos. Out tour ends on the Armenian street that is considered to be one of the most romantic streets in the Old Town. Delve into the city that has always inspired love and romantics!

Excursion bookings

    Group tour

    70 грн

    / per person

    Individual tour

    200 грн

    / per person


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    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.

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