Lviv Walking Tour Lychakiv Nekropolis

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16 December 2017 15:00


2 hours





Guided tour of Lviv "Lychakivsky necropolis"

When the cemetery is a story of the 200 years metamorphoses of the city, the inexpressible beauty of finely carved sculptures-keepers, sculptures-cryers, sculptures-settlers. The mystic here flows with time, fluctuates in the air, hiding in the centennial needles. Gray scarecrows listen to the destruction of silence ... Exploding noise of the chains of the Zamoisky crypt, people says, the owners are dangle ... The black lady without face tirelessly wanlking through the street Mechnikov in the hope of finding him. The grave of bishop Charnetsky helps to take off the scare of the fright shot by the lovers Arthur Grotger and Wanda Monne ... beautiful, but cold spirits of the moonlight!

All mystics of Lviv and not only in our tours and excursions!

Duration of excursion: 2 hours.

Cost per person: 60 UAH (in a team of 5 people)

Price includes:

  • Excursions included in the programme
  • Service of the tour guide

Additional charges:

  • Admission fees
Lviv Walking Tour Lychakiv Necropolis

Most people wouldn`t include a cemetery on their list of things to do when visiting a new city, but Lychakiv Necropolis is different with its gentle hills, winding paths and elaborate gravestones. It is not just a burial place but also precious museum of a monumental sculpture and a valuable example of landscape architecture.

During the tour you will be told the history of the cemetery. Also you will see the ancient gravestones and chapels that date back to the 18th century.

Generally, there are about 400 000 people buried here most of whom were town`s wealthy elite, as well as prominent artists, scientists, politicians, servicemen, and members of the clergy representing different ethnic minorities. Today, their gravestones are considered to be real sculptural masterpieces.

Now people are rarely buried here, except those who are fighting for the Independence of Ukraine, prominent artists, politicians, writers and scientists.

We encourage you to see it with your own eyes!

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    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.


    Ви забронювали екскурсію. Вам було відправлено електронний лист.

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